Suggested Textbooks
Making Your Own Telescope by Allyn J. Thompson. FIRST BOOK TO BUY. If you were to buy one book to guide you through your first mirror, this is the one I would recommend. Good sound fabrication practices with enough theory to get you by. Available from Willmann-Bell...$14.95. The ASGH library has a copy.
How to Make A Telescope by Jean Texereau. If you remain interested in telescope making, you should have this book in your library. Long considered the standard in authoritive books. Beginner to intermediate theory up to advanced topics like Cassegranian secondaries and optical windows. Available from Willman-Bell or Sky Publishing...$24.95
All About Telescopes by Sam Brown. This is a surprisingly informative book. Profusely illustrated. Excellent text with much of your math done for you in tables. Covers mountings and assembly from simple small telescopes to fairly complex optical designs. Covers mirror making toward the end. Looks a bit childish at first glance, but do not be fooled. Available from Edmond Scientific #Q09-094...$18.95. The ASGH library has a copy.
Build Your Own Telescope by Richard Berry. This book emphasizes practical telescope and mount design, and construction for amateurs with normal home shop tools. Has detailed specific projects for 5 telescopes ranging from a 4.25 inch to a 10 inch. Covers mirror making and testing in chapters 10 and 11.. Available from Willman-Bell...$24.95 or Sky Publishing.. #84761...$24.95
Amateur Telescope Making edited by Albert Ingalls. A lot of amateur telescope making history in this three volume set. Originally articles published in Scientific American. Good technical material from some of the great minds of back then. Not organized as a "how to do" book. Great for musing. Covers making refractors though if you are so inclined. Available from Willmann-Bell...$24.95 or Sky Publishing.. #ATM01, 02, & 03...$24.95
Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes by Richard Suiter. For many years, before bench testing was invented, optics had to be validated by star testing. Now that we have bench tests, star testing is only needed at the very end. This book deals with very advanced optical material. Credit goes to Richard's writing skill to bring this subject within the range of the amateur. You will really know telescope optics after working with this book. Available from Willmann-Bell...$24.95 or Sky Publishing...
The Dobsonian Telescope by David Kriege and Richard Berry. This is a relatively modern book. It emphasizes the mechanical construction of large Dobsonian style telescopes but also covers Dobsonians down to 8 inches diameter. Excellently written, profuse with photographs, large telescopes to get your juices flowing. Appendix B covers mirror fabrication and testing directed at large, thin mirrors. The steps and tips here certainly apply to smaller mirrors too. Available from Willmann-Bell...$29.95