Purchasing Information
There are two main options for obtaining your mirror materials. The first is to buy a kit from either Willmann-Bell or Newport Glass as discussed below in option 1. The second option is to buy your materials individually. You'll need to buy a mirror blank and mirror tool ahead of the workshop. Then from there, you can make your own cement tool during the workshop for under $10.00. I will have available #60 grit, #120 grit, #320 grit silicon carbide abrasives available at cost from Salem Distributing, and abrasive below 500 grit at no cost. I will also have pitch and cerium oxide for polishing available at a very friendly price.

At the bottom of this page, I've put links and contact information for the four suppliers that I mention. Seeing that prices and stock numbers can change without notice, it's best for you to contact them directly for the latest information.

Purchasing Mirror Kits (Option 1)

Below I have listed some of the kit options. The prices for Newport Glass have been verified on December 2008. Willmann-Bell's website appears to be under a little reconstruction and doesn't have the 2008 prices listed. I have provided links to each of the suppliers in the table and you may contact them to get the latest information.

Kit Supplier ID Price
6 inch Educational kit (pyrex) Newport Glass KITED600C $168.00
6 inch kit Willmann-Bell ???
8 inch Educational kit (pyrex) Newport Glass KITED800C $240.50
8 inch kit Willmann-Bell ???
10 inch kit (pyrex) Newport Glass KITED1000C $405.50
10 inch kit Willmann-Bell ???

The Newport Glass kits include:
•    Pyrex mirror blank
•    Glass tool
•    Silicon carbide -- #220 grit (0.25lb for 6" kit, 0.50lb for 8" kit)
•    White aluminum oxide -- 0.25 lbs each of: #30 grit, #25 grit, #20 grit, #15 grit, #9 grit
•    Cerium oxide -- 0.25lb
•    Burgandy pitch -- 1 lb

The Newport Glass educational kits appear to be the same except the mirror and tool have pregenerated f/8 curves. The price includes aluminum coating but you have to send your finished mirror back to Newport, and the "C" suffix kits which I have listed have a 1/10 wave aluminized diagonal. Since the blanks have curves, the abrasives start at #220 Silicon carbide rather than 80.

The Willmann-Bell kits include:
•    two equal pyrex blanks -- one to be used as a tool and the other to be used for the mirror
•    the necessary abrasives, pitch, and cerium oxide.

I see no comments about a diagonal. The two blanks are interesting because after you are through you can make a cement tool and make a second mirror from the tool.

Purchasing Individual Mirror Items (Option 2)
Below is information about the individual items that you'll need to obtain if you choose to go this route instead of one of the kits listed above. Those individual items include: mirror blanks, mirror tools, ceramic tiles for the tools, pitch, and abrasives. Even though the items in the lists still apply, the pricing information may be outdated. It's best for you to contact the suppliers directly. Their contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Mirror Blanks
Size Supplier Comment
6 inch United Lens
6 inch Willman-Bell
6 inch Newport Glass SPX600
8 inch United Lens UL-23
8 inch Willman-Bell
8 inch Newport Glass (non generated) SPX800
10 inch United Lens UL-26
10 inch Willman-Bell
10 inch Newport Glass (non generated) SPX1000
12.5 inch United Lens UL-28
12.5 inch Willman-Bell
12.5 inch Newport Glass (non generated) SPX1200
  * United Lens requires a $75 minimum order

Mirror Tools
Size Supplier Comment
8 inch Willmann-bell buy another blank
8 inch Newport Glass T800
10 inch Willmann-bell buy another blank

Ceramic Tiles for Cement Tools
Size Supplier Comment
Cerq-hex-tol Willmann-bell 1 sq. ft.

Type Supplier Comments Qty.
#73 Gugolz Salem Distributing 073-06-1 1 kg
#64 Gugolz Salem Distributing 064-06-1 1 kg
Burgandy pitch Willmann-Bell 1 lb
5 lb
Burgandy pitch tempered Willmann-Bell 1 lb
5 lb

Abrasives (Willman-Bell)
Silicon Carbide 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb 5 lb
40g $9.00 $20.00
60g $9.00 $20.00
80g $9.00 $20.00
120g $7.00 $8.00 $10.00 $20.00
220g $7.50 $8.50 $10.50 $20.00
320g $8.00 $9.00 $11.00 $25.00
500g $8.50 $9.50 $12.00 $27.00

Aluminum Oxide 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb 5 lb
120g $7.00 $8.00 $10.00 $20.00
220g $7.50 $8.50 $10.50 $20.00
320g $8.00 $9.00 $11.00 $25.00
500g $8.50 $9.50 $12.00 $27.00

Abrasives (Salem Distributing)
Silicon Carbide
60g $9.75
80g $9.75
120g $10.45
220g $10.88
320g $17.00
500g $29.00
600g $37.00

Aluminum Oxide
25 micron $17.00
12u $17.00
5u $17.00
3u $34.00

Willmann-Bell, Inc
P.O Box 35025
Richmond, Va. 23235
Ph 800-825-7827
FAX 804-272-5920
Info 804-320-7016

Newport Glass
P.O. Box 127
10564 Fern Avenue
Stanton, Ca. 90680
Ph 714-484-7500 or 8100
FAX 714-484-7600 or 8101
E-mail ngw@netcom.com

United Lens Company, Inc.
259 Worcester Street
Southbridge, Ma 01550-1325
Ph 508-765-5421
FAX 508-765-0500
Salem Distributing Company
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
FAX 1-800-944-8468
(yes the 8468 is the same)