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Why does this website exist? Originally, it was the pictures. Back in '99, I took a temporary job assignment in California which ended up lasting fourteen months. When I left, my friends back here in Virginia asked me to send lots of pictures. So I taught myself enough webpage design to get the pictures up on the internet.

The website served its purpose and not a byte more. But like all things that catch hold, they tend to grow. My interest in web design has continued and so has the photography. The photos aren't just about California anymore and the website isn't just about photos anymore either. I continue to add new stuff as I discover new things or see interesting places.

I realized, after stepping back for a moment, that all these albums are nice. But they don't make too much sense unless you know the story behind them. The first photo album, About the Pictures, really isn't an album. It's much more of a narrative. Life, over the last several years, has been very good to me and very interesting to say the least. If someone had suggested that my life would play out like it did, I would have laughed. I couldn't have imagined it in my wildest dreams. But I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I've added other sections: Cool Stuff and Jokes & Musings. Cool Stuff is just that -- stuff I think is cool for one reason or another. Jokes & Musings is shit that's just damn funny or something that rings a chord with me.

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The Telescope Mirror Workshop
If you're visiting this site because of my dad's telescope mirror workshop, please click here. If you don't know who he is and would like to know a little about him, click here.

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